Woman’s Missionary Society

The WMS promotes missionary activity within the Southern Methodist denomination and the local church.

The WMS meets monthly usually on a Sunday evening.

The WMS is promoting two fundraisers for Camp S & M and Three Forks Trail. The fundraisers will be through May 24th. The first fundraiser is for folding tables needed at both camps. The cost of the tables are approximately $47.00 each. If you would like to donate one or two or more tables, please contact a WMS member. If you would like to donate money towards this fundraiser, that will be accepted as well. Any and all donations are appreciated. The second fundraiser is for knives for the kitchens at these camps. The WMS will be taking an order for RADA knives. If you would like to check out the RADA products, please visit www.radacutlery.com. You can decide what you would like to purchase for yourself as well as the camps. Just make a list and give it to any WMS member. Thank you in advance for all donations to help out our camps.