The congregation of Clydes Chapel Southern Methodist Church exists for the “Glory of God”.  The meaning of this statement is:  the purpose of this congregation is to allow God to use the individual member to honor and glorify God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  Each member admits his/her sinful nature and declares his/her faith in Jesus Christ for the salvation of his/her soul.  The result, of our placing faith in Jesus Christ, is the open demonstration of the life of the Lord Jesus working in our lives to carry out the building of His Kingdom.  Our congregation is a member of the Eastern Annual Conference of the Southern Methodist Church, whose Ministries Office, College, and Missions Departments are located in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  The Southern Methodist Church is a Bible believing, Bible preaching and Bible teaching denomination.  The local church is governed by the Discipline of the SMC, but owns its own property, calls its own pastor, and has its own by-laws.

On the local level of ministry, our congregation is committed to the worship of God, discipleship of every believer, evangelism, and prayer.  We believe that every person is important to God, and we are always looking for a way to minister to each and every age group.  We are currently involved in the following ministries:  Worship, Sunday School (Nursery to Senior Adult), Prayer Meetings, Youth Programs (Nursery to Teen), Vacation Bible School, Puppets on a Mission, and Wesley Institute.  We also have various ministries and opportunities for service throughout the year.

We would welcome you to come and labor together with us in walking and working with our risen Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Greg Williams